Frequently Asked Questions

The results of the analysis are a set of maps. Can I use the output maps for planning?

Yes, that the intent. You can use the output of the tool for any purpose you'd like.

My .CSV file has points in UTM. Will the system accept those instead of Latitude/Longitude points?

Currently, our system only accepts points in WGS 84 coordinate system, so requires points to be represented as latitude and longitude points.

The system says an issue occurred during the analysis. What should I do?

Since the tool is new, we do sometimes experience issues during the analysis, so it is best to notify the team. Please send an email to Dave (, and he should be able to help you out.

Does the user need to clean up their data prior to uploading, meaning are there specific standards that must be followed?

Yes, some data cleaning might need to occur before uploading your data. Here is a short checklist:

  • When uploading a CSV file, there must be valid numeric latitude and longitude values for each row. Missing values will cause an error.
  • If you upload a shapefile, you don't need to worry about the projection since the system re-projects your data prior to analysis. For CSV uploads, values must be in the WGS84 coordinate system (EPSG 4326).
  • When uploading a CSV, make sure the column names for latitude and longitude match was you choose in the web user interface. You need to choose the columns the system uses for analysis.

Does the system remove any points?


Yes, the system will remove points outside of the project's extent (state boundary) and remove points 50m away from state highways. Lastly, the system removes spatial duplicates (points with the same loation).