Limit to Growth Chart

The Limits to Growth Model: Still Prescient 50 years Later

In this 2022 report, Club of Rome member Gaya Herrington re-analyzes the "limits to growth" model from 1972 and finds that the conclusions have not fundamentally changed: we are on a precarious peak of production and consumption that leaves us with a binary choice for the future. If we want our youth and future generations to inherit a livable world, we will need to fundamentally change our production and consumption practices. As Herrington says: "But growth can no longer be humanity’s ultimate goal. For this century, we need a more ambitious and mature aim: to provide enough for each, in a way that can last. When discussing either the Earth4All or World3 scenarios, we are ultimately talking about values. This time in history is nothing less than a battle for humanity’s soul. Now that humankind has attained global reach and unprecedented power to shape its destiny, limits to growth force upon us this question: who do we want to be and what world do we want to live in?"

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