We currently have 3 types of position open:

1) Undergraduate Researcher, helping to understand wildlife interactions with transportation systems. These are student intern positions that begin as unpaid and then become paid "Student Assistant" positions. Click on the "Wildlife_Transportation_Undergraduate_Intern_2023.PDF" link below to see the position description.

2) Graduate Researcher. There are two types of graduate student position available. 1) Conducting research into and assisting in location and design of wildlife crossing structures in California; and 2) Assisting with the 3-D design and structural engineering requirements for design of wildlife crossing bridges in California. Both are at least 1-year positions.

3) Technical Assistance for field and computational studies of wildlife occurrence, wildlife behavior, wildlife interactions with roads. This is a part-time contract position at UC Davis. The qualified candidate will have field, computational, and wildlife-related experience. Click on the "Wildlife_Transportation_Technician_2023.PDF" link below to see the job description.