The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) includes as part of its mission the protection of driver safety and the environment, both of which are relevant to the Center's mission. Caltrans has been a stalwart funding and project partner since the Center was created and continues to be one of the primary partners for the Center. To date, Caltrans has partnered with Center directors to organize training and educational workshops, meetings, and forums dealing with issues such as wildlife movement/collision, connectivity, road effect zone modeling, mitigation, and design of sustainable transportation. Caltrans has also supported making stronger links to ICOET and TRB, developing resources at the Center, and research projects in modeling wildlife movement, planning for sea level rise, and modeling the road effect zone in GIS. Caltrans has been a partner in federally-funded projects focusing on specific highways, such as Interstate 80, Interstate 280, and State Route 37.

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