Special Report 2016: Wildlife-Vehicle Conflict Hotspots along California Highways (2009-2015): Carcasses

This report provides an overview of wildlife-vehicle conflict (WVC) hotspots on California highways, based on carcass observations in the California Roadkill Observation System. Analytical details are available from the report author upon request. A subsequent report will focus on WVC hotspots from the point of view of crash and other incident data collected by state safety agencies.

Data collection acknowledgements

This report and the analyses contained within would not have been possible without the concerted and coordinated efforts of hundreds of volunteer roadkill observers over the last 7 years. Through their endeavors, they have collected >50,000 observations of >410 species, representing one of the largest and most comprehensive wildlife monitoring programs in California. Their accuracy rates for species identification are >93% and have measurably high locational accuracy (<+100 meters).